News Doyle Sails Melbourne welcomes Brett Averay to the team

28 Jun 2017

Doyle Sails Melbourne is pleased to announce the appointment of Brett Averay to their sailmaking and sales team.

Brett Averay

Brett is excited to join the Melbourne team where he will work alongside Mark Rimington, Col, and Blake Anderson to service the needs of the racing and cruising communities on Port Philip Bay and Victoria. 

"Over the last 50 years Doyle Sails Melbourne has built a reputation around our impeccable attention to detail and design of racing and cruising sails. We are excited to bring in someone with such a wealth of knowledge and skills which compliment what is one of the more experienced lofts in Australia. Along with Brett we now have over 125 years of sailmaking experience, which is extremely rare these days," says Melbourne's Managing Director, Blake Anderson.

Brett's expertise ranges from offshore to inshore sailing while also running several campaigns which include winning the Pacific Cup and competing in races such as, Cape to Rio and several Sydney to Hobart's.

Brett will also continue to run his business in Marine Services which includes crew coaching, rig tuning, boat optimization and logistics. 

Contact Brett Averay

+61 (0) 411 620 450 or